Our company operates in the market as a seller of ferrous and nonferrous materials. Main activities include the sale of alloys and trading with ferrous and non-ferrous metals on the European market.

The main activities includes the sale of zinc alloys and business of ferrous and nonferrous metals in the European markets. We are also suppliers of other strategic raw materials to steel mills as: Zinc HG, SHG (ingots, jumbo blocks) for the aluminum deoxidation (in the form of ingots, wire, granules) nickel cathode copper in cathodes resp. chopped ferroalloys (FeTi, FeMo, FeCr, FeV FeSi FeNb) 

In addition to steel producers, our company works closely with producers of aluminum and copper as a supplier of raw materials as well as customer specified production plants (aluminum ingots, aluminum wire, copper cathodes, copper wire).